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Kremen Ultra Trail 25/50K

Stara Biletskivka, Kremenchuk district district, Poltavska region, Bus stop of route 230
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Date: 29 September 2019, Sunday
Time start: 11:00
Organizer: RC Kremen

Distances: trail 50km, trail 25km, relay race 25+25km

Terms of admission: Long sleeves, a hat, a mobile phone or GPS-watch with a loaded "Kremen Ultra Trail" map
Price of registration:

50 km — 400 UAH
25 km — 300 UAH
Relay 25 km + 25 km — 500 UAH

For lovers running trails in super-ecological places and reserves of the competition "Flint Ultra Trail"! Two distances 25 (one circle) and 50km respectively. Start from the tent camp near the bus stop with. Old Beletskivka (49 ° 0'56 "N 33 ° 21'11" E)! Coverings and locations in the Kremenchuk Plavnya Landscape Park are diverse, with water and food at three checkpoints. Check in at camp on September 28th.
Apply for a team application at

The route.

Amateurs, representatives of institutions, institutions and organizations in the following age groups take part in the competition:

- Women 18-24, 25-39, 40+;
- Men 18-24, 25-39, 40+;
- "teams":
Competitions include personal and team scores for the specified age groups at distances: 25 and 50 km of trail running.

09/28/2019 - day of arrival of participants:
- from 9:00 to 18:00 in Kremenchug and at the starting point on the day of the competition it is possible to study the track and get a starter pack.
29.09.2019 - competition day:

9:00 am - opening of starting zone and registration of participants with issuance of starter packs;

11:00 am - opening of competitions at the place of start;
11:15 am - general start of the competition;
17:30 - processing of results by the panel of judges and preparation for the award;
18:00 - rewarding of winners and prize-winners of competitions;
19:00 - closing of competitions.