vil. Korsuntsi, Kominternivskyi district, Odeska region, liman Kuyalnik, 46°35'24.0"N 30°45'29.1"E
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telegram-канал:  https://t.me/trailkuyalnik

Date: 13 June 2020, Saturday
Time start: 08:00
Organizer: Organizing committee

Distances: 68km, 34км


Registered: 129

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A unique marathon in the South of Ukraine on a fairytale landscape around the deserted Kuyalnik estuary, which is located three kilometers to the northwest of the coast of the Odessa Gulf of the Black Sea. The route is laid along the salty estuary in the lowest point of Ukraine: minus 5 meters from sea level has no analogues in Ukraine and in the world. Everyone can choose what is within his power, two distances - 42.195 miles(67,892 km) and 21.098 miles(33,946 km). The distance of 42.195 miles for 14 hours is certified by ITRA - the international association Trail Running and has the category TrailUltraMedium (M). The distance 21,098 miles for 07 hours is certified by ITRA - the international association Trail Running and has the category TrailUnder42km. Each participant after passing the race will be awarded qualifying points according to international standards.

Registration cost:
until 06/11/2020
21.098 miles-799.00₴
42.195 miles -799.00₴


-from the Central Railway Station to the starting meadow (cost -45
-to the base camp from the finish line of the distance of 21.098 miles (free).

How to get to the starting place:
1. Transfer to the starting place- Transfer fee 45

A shuttle is organized to the launch site.
Route: Railway station-lane Limanny, 9 - Starting Town;
Place of collection: under the round clock of the main entrance of the Central Railway Station from 6:00 to 6:30. Departure of buses at exactly 6:30 in the morning, please do not be late! Comfortable IVECO minibuses of white color carry us.

2. Access to the launch site by public transport.
From Central Station:  minibus taxi No. 240 (from Preobrazhenskaya street),
minibus taxi No. 190 go every 15 - 20 minutes, travel time ~ 40 minutes. Before the stop “Akademika Zabolotnogo”, then on foot turn left to the Bypass Road and beyond the gas station of Ukrnaft to the right to School No. 1, v. Korsuntsy, there the final stop of the suburban minibus No. 31, descent to the estuary ~ 20 minutes. Driving directions are here -здесь. 

3. Drive to the launch site by personal transport.
From the Central Railway Station of Odessa:
We leave on the road M-14 in the direction of Nikolaev, Luzanovka, Kotovsky village. At the fork in the street, Dobrovolskogo and Yuzhnaya road turn left. Further along Dobrovolskogo street to Akademik Zabolotnogo street, then turn left to the Bypass road and beyond the gas station of UKRNAFTA to the right to School No. 1, v. Korsuntsy there is the final stop of the suburban minibus No. 31, descent to the coast of the estuary. Driving directions are here -здесь. 

Please note the admission conditions:
1. Anyone over the age of 18 who has applied and paid the entry fee is allowed to compete;
2. The admission of the participant to the race and the participant receiving the starter pack is possible with personal equipment:
-Backpack or its equivalent;
-Personal supply of water, not less than 1.0 l ;
-Mobile phone with a charged battery;
- Flashlight with a working battery (for a distance of 42.195 miles);
- Route sheet indicating the route of the marathon (issued by the starter pack);
- The first-aid kit is individual.

3. Responsibility for the state of their health lies with the participants themselves. Before the start, all participants
stages provide the organizers with a receipt (Additive No. 1 of the Regulation), which confirms the state of health.

Providing competition: -Luggage storage; hydration points; food items.

Awarding and timing: Manual timing; on-line certificate; each finisher a medal; prizes for the first 3 places in the absolute at each distance.

Accommodation: Dear guests of the city! In the immediate vicinity of the finishing clearing (2 km), participants in the marathon can use the services of renting inexpensive rooms in a private house. Private sector, per. Limanny, house 9. Several houses to choose from - two-room, one-room, with all conditions - hot water, a bathroom, as well as options with partial amenities. All necessary household appliances and furniture. The option with partial conveniences costs 130  ₴/ day/person for a marathon participant.Partial amenities are located in the courtyard - summer kitchen, toilet.
To book accommodation in rooms for 130 ₴, you need to call:

Hosts: Sveta and Lyonya
Password: we / I marathon participant

Competitions are held on the territory of the Kuyalnik estuary.

Nutrition and hydration points every ~ 15 km +/-.
Rewarding: A finisher medal and an online certificate are received by each finisher of all stages (included in the starter pack).
Prizes: winners in the absolute.

Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/325466351230654/

Dedication to trail running on the site of the power of outer space - the most salty unique Kuyalnitsky estuary in Europe! Find out the limit of your abilities and the magic of nature! Start your winner's salty path today! Overcome yourself with us!

Contacts: Dashkova Iryna , [email protected]