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Ukraine Backyard Ultra

Race is cancelled

Velyka Mykhailivka, Velikomikhailivskyi district, Odeska region, Kalinovaya St. 41
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Date: 22 August 2020, Saturday
Time start: 08:00
Organizer: Animals Running Clan, Sport90-60-90

Distances: backyard ultra maximum

Terms of admission: Persons over 16 years old are allowed
Price of registration:

300 UAH

Registered: 10

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"Ukraine Backyard Ultra 2020" will be held on 08/22/2020 on Saturday, starting at 8:00 a.m.
The event will be held in Odessa region, the village of Velikaya Mikhailovka, Kalinovaya St. 41 (the starting place in the classics from the backyard).

Distance: circle 6706 m. The number of circles is not limited.

   The first run in the Backyard ultra format was founded in the USA in 2012, but very quickly such races began to be held all over the world. There is a League in Backyard Ultra, where the competition organizers receive a kind of “accreditation”. League winners will receive a Gold Ticket - eligible to participate in the Big’s Backyard Ultra in Tennessee.

  The second Ukraine Backyard Ultra 2020 race will take place in the village of Velikaya Mikhailovka (100 km from Odessa). In 2019, the first debut race of this format took place in Ukraine.

       Briefly about the rules:
- the competition is held in a circle 6706 meters long
- coating - soil (field road, paths)
- rise - 90 meters in a circle


- time limit for overcoming the circle - 60 min.


    Start on the next lap is given exactly every hour. 3 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute before the next start warning signals are given. After the participant has finished the lap, he can rest until the start of the next lap. If the participant did not have time to start a new circle (for any reason - the previous one approached, overslept the start call, etc.) - he is eliminated.
   All participants start at the same time.
The winner is the last and only participant who went to the circle and finished it. All other participants are considered to be those who did not finish. The end of the race is open, the competition may end after several laps, and may last 30 laps or more)))


    Hydration and nutrition points:
- food - 1 point at the start and finish,
- drink - 2 points, the first at the start and finish, the second at the turn, it is 3350 m from the start (middle of the circle).

   Detailed rules of the event will be published on our page
   General rules can be found here

The maximum number of participants is 50.
Registration - 10 euros (300 UAH).
From 01.01.2020 to 01.04.2020 the registration price is 300 UAH.
From April 2, 2020 to July 1, 2020, the registration price is 350 UAH.
From July 2, 2020 to August 21, 2020, the registration price is 400 UAH.
In order to get a registered starting number you need to register before 08/01/2020

Tel for communication: Vladimir (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

   The organizers of the race to the first 10 registered participants provides a "roof over their heads" during, the day before and one day after the race (the participant must have a sleeping bag and a travel mat (carimat)), as well as basic food and drinks during the race. Since it is summer and warm, everyone can take tents with them and camp in the tent. There are also hotels in the village.
   Video clip about how it was in 2019))