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Run the World Lvivska Desiatka. Ukrainian 10 km Championships

Lviv, Svobody Square
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Date: 15 September 2019, Sunday
Time start: 09:00
Organizer: Avalon Inc., LAF

Distances: 10km


Registered: 1426

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Львівська десятка 2019

Sports help you to clearly articulate goals and easily achieve them, feel healthy and be self-confident!
Choose a healthy lifestyle and run the world!

Purpose of the competition:

  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  • the expansion of friendly ties between sports clubs and organizations, athletes and sports lovers;
  • engaging in active physical education and sports.

Participant Package

  • medal of finisher;
  • starting number;
  • electronic chip for fixing the result;
  • plastic bag;
  • number to receive a package with things in the luggage storage;
  • online diploma with the result (available from September 15);
  • route map;
  • musical support on the track;
  • official event bracelet;
  • tea, coffee for the finisher;


Participants are allowed to the Contest provided that the competition is properly and timely registered. Registration is possible in the on-line mode on the ВсеПробеги website.
Electronic registration of participants is open till 11.09.2019 or until reaching a limit of 1400 participants. Registration on the day of the race will not be held. The Organizer of the Competition has the right to suspend or completely close the registration without warning in case of reaching the limit of participants. A participant is considered registered if he has filled out the application and paid the entry fee.

Entry fee

     Term       Distance 10 km  
till 11.09 349 UAH

Each finisher of the race will receive a medal with a unique design.
The organizer guarantees a full refund if the participant refuses to participate in the race until September 3, 2019, regardless of the reasons for the refusal.
Changing the paid registration to another person is free of charge if there is such a technical opportunity from the organizer.

Competition program

September 14 (Saturday)

10:00 - 20:00 - Issuance of startup packages of participants (Futura Hub, Kulparkivska str, 200a).

September 15 (Sunday)

07:00-08:30 - registration of participants in secretarial competitions and issue of rooms;
07:00-12:00 - the work of the luggage cameras;
08:10-08:30 - opening ceremony;
08:30-08:45 - warm-up;
08:55-08:59 - greetings of the participants of the race;
09:00 - start "Run the World. Lviv ten "and the Ukrainian Championship on the highway on 10 km;
09:00-10:20 - passing of competition distance;
10:30-10:50 - awarding prize winners of the Championship of Ukraine on the highway race for 10 km among men and women;
11:00-11:20 - Awarding of the participants "Run the World. Lviv tens of 2019 "on the highway on 10 km;
11:30 - general photograph of the participants of the competition that have crossed the finish line;
11:50-12:00 - Closing of the competition.

Race Map

Age groups:

- up to 29 years old;
- 30 - 39 years old;
- 40 - 49 years old;
- 50 - 59 years old;
- 60 - 69 years old;
- 70+ years old


Each competitor participates voluntarily, acknowledging all probable risks to his or her own health during and after their end, and bears personal responsibility for their physical condition and the ability to complete the chosen distance of the competition.

Conditions of admission to the competition:

The admission of participants to the competition is carried out in the presence of documents submitted to the Organizing Committee upon receipt of the participant's starting number:

  • identity card confirming the participant's age (obligatory for all participants);
  • citizens of foreign countries are obliged to provide a medical insurance policy that covers sports events;
  • for participants of the competition at the age of 14 years and younger, the confirmation of age is carried out by parents or authorized persons accompanying the person (trainer, teacher, etc.). The age of the participant is determined on the date of the race on the basis of the submitted documents - September 15, 2019.

Event organizers of "Run the World Lvivska Desiatka"

The event is organized by the investment and development company Avalon Inc. with the support of the Ukrainian Athletic Federation, Lviv Region Athletic Federation, Lviv Region State Administration, and Lviv City Council. Project Manager of "Run the World Lvivska Desiatka" is Oleksandr Bobrytskyi.

Champions Run the World!