1st Indoor Triathlon 2020 - VseProbegi

1st Indoor Triathlon

Kyiv, st. Marshal Konev, 8 (Sport Life Swimming Pool)
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Date: 22 February 2020, Saturday
Time start: 14:00
Organizer: SYLA VOLI

Distances: triathlon swim10min+bike30min+run20min, relay race swim30min+bike30min+run30min

Price of registration:

Individual participation - 1000 UAH
Relay (3 participants in one stage) - 1500 UAH


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Hello everyone!
If you want to try the taste of triathlon you shouldn’t wait until winter is over, you should try 1st Indoor Triathlon (Feb,22,2020, SportLife, Teremky)
We promise it will be hot! 

Participants can go through all the stages individually or as a part of a relay team. Form your own team of three to distribute the triathlon stages between you. All the relay participants start simultaneously.


Individual athletes

10 min swim in swimming pool (25 meters)

Transition 1 – 5 minutes 

30 min on stationary bike

Transition 2 — 5 minutes 

20 min run on treadmill


Relay teams (3 participants)

30 min swim in swimming pool (25 meters)

30 min on stationary bike 

30 min run on treadmill 

All relay team members start at one time