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Black Stones Trail

Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovska region, Ingulets, Landscape Reserve "Vizyrka". Coordinates: 47.724910, 33.216300
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Date: 8 August 2021, Sunday
Time start: 08:00
Organizer: Ukrainian Bike Family (UBF RUN)

Distances: trail 42km from 18y.o., trail 21km from 18y.o., trail 12km from 16y.o., trail 6km from 16y.o., trail 3km from 13y.o., trail 1km from 5y.o.

Price of registration:

42 км — 750 грн. до 02.08
21 км — 650 грн. до 02.08
12 км — 590 грн. до 02.08
6 км — 450 грн. до 02.08
3 км, 1 км — 110 грн.
Медаль — 170 грн. 


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Возможно, это изображение (один или несколько человек и люди стоят)Возможно, это изображение (один или несколько человек, люди стоят и на открытом воздухе)

1. General information

Date: August 8, 2021, Sunday.

Place: Kryvyi Rih, Ingulets, Landscape reserve "Vizyrka"

coordinates: Starting point47.724910, 33.216300

Map of the entrance to the starting town by car (from the 95th quarter):

City: Kryvyi Rih.

Organizer: Ukrainian Bike Family

Facebook event page:

Distances: 42 km, 21 km, 12 km, 6 km, 3 km, 1 km The

starting town is open from Saturday 07.08.2021. There will be a campsite on the basis of the starting town.



Welcome to the line of industrial trail marathons "Kryvbas Stones Trail"! Their routes pass through picturesque natural landscapes, and also on simply fantastic and unearthly territories of the industrial and industrial heritage! Forests, quarries, rocks, various routes, man-made mountains - all this is a line of trail marathons "Kryvbas Stones Trail"!

The second trail marathon of the "Kryvbas Stones Trail" line is the "Black Stones Trail" marathon. The race starts on the sandy beach of the stunning landscape reserve "Vizyrka", consisting of narrow winding paths, ascents and descents of varying complexity, picturesque landscapes and underground stone tunnels! Runners will find stunning sandy areas of the Shirokivsky pine forest, a grove of thirteen beams, a climb to the top of the dumps of the Ingulets quarry, with stunning views and landscapes!

2. Terms of participation


2.1 Anyone who meets the following conditions can take part in the Black Stones Trail marathon:

  • Participants in the 42 km and 21 km distances are allowed only if they reach 18 years of age.

  • Participants in the distance of 12 km are allowed from the age of 16, in the distance of 3 km - from the age of 13, in the distance of 1 km - from 12 years old.

  • All participants who have reached the age of majority, in the presence of parents or guardians, must provide written permission to participate in the competition and the necessary documents certifying their family ties.

  • All participants who compete in the distance of 42 and 21 km, are required to provide an insurance policy or medical certificate certifying that the state of health of the participant allows to participate in the competition, which he will present upon receipt of the starting package. And leave a copy of the policy or medical certificate to the organizers. 

  • Fill in the participant's application form at registration and sign the Discharge Agreement upon receipt of the starter pack, or hand over a pre-printed and completed Agreement to the organizers.

  • Make a start-up fee on the site "All runs", in the specified time, or in cash at the starting point, according to the conditions of registration.

2.2 By completing the application form (electronically or in writing), the participant agrees to the following provisions: The

  1. organizers, partners of the organizer and persons involved in the organization and organization of the marathon are not responsible for injuries, ill health and damage to property. may occur before, during, or after the race.

  2. All participants of the marathon, as well as close and distant relatives of the participants waive all possible claims against the organizers of the event related to damage to life, health and property of marathon participants during and after the competition.

  3. All participants are aware of the potentially harmful consequences for their lives, health or property in connection with participation in the competition. Participants are personally liable for all damage caused to their lives, health and property, as well as for damage to life, health and property of third parties caused by the actions of the participant.

  4. All participants participate in the competition only voluntarily and with their own consent.

  5. All participants who participate in the competition agree to the processing of their personal data, photos and videos taken during the trail, for further use by the organizers of the competition in future marathons, for marketing purposes.

  6. The participant MUST have with him on the route a charged mobile phone with the phone numbers of the organizers:

- Denis Dubov, initiator and project manager.

- Maxim Sokolovsky, Chief Justice marathon


  1. marathon Each participant in the case of the marathon route to the other participants are injured or have health problems began, must assist and inform the organizers about the location of this party, it number, nature of health problems or injuries.


  1. Marathon participants are obliged to abide by these provisions and treat other participants of the competition, judges, organizers, volunteers, law enforcement agencies and medical staff during the competition. For conflicts with the above persons, the organizers reserve the right to impose penalties ranging from fines (20 minutes or more) to disqualification.

  2. Participants are obliged to adhere to the norms of ethical behavior (in particular, not to use profanity), the principle of fair play, respect for the environment.

  3. The use of glass containers and other objects that may endanger the lives and health of other participants and fans is prohibited during the distance. Violation of this requirement is punishable by disqualification.

  4. All garbage must be left in the areas of KP (checkpoints), where garbage collection will be organized in special packages. Participants who litter on the route will be disqualified for disrespect to the environment.

  5. The participant should, if possible, go from a distance at checkpoints, or if possible try to get to them. At the checkpoints, the participant can receive first aid, food and drink, while waiting for the evacuation vehicle.

  6. If the participant leaves the route not because of health and can move without harm to himself, then he gets to the starting camp himself.

  7. All participants who do not reach the finish line before the time limitwill bewill be disqualified and required to notify the organizers by phone of their location to avoid the organization of search and rescue operations. 

  8. If the participant has decided to go the distance, he undertakes to notify the organizers of such a decision. The telephone number for the message is or . The

  9. organizers reserve the right to transfer participants to other categories.

  10. The organizers have the right not to participate in the competition without explanation. In this case, the entry fee is refunded in full.


  1. At a distance of 42 km have it is NECESSARY toIsofolia with you.

  2. At distances of 42 and 21 km, participants MUST have a mat with them: headdress: buff, cap or other;

  3. Non-compliance will result in penalties ranging from fines (20 minutes or more) to disqualification.



water container, minimum 0.5 liters (hydrator, plastic bottle for drinking);


mini-first aid kit (Vaseline, painkillers, heart drugs, bandage, peroxide, patch)






3. Categories of participants and the principle of passing the distance

3.1 The task of the participants of each category is to run a pre-selected distance within the set time limits. Distances will be pre-marked. Participants must mark (register) at each of the checkpoints. The registration of the CP will be performed by volunteers, marking the CP on the numbers of the participants of the competition with the unique seal of each CP, as well as in the protocol of the CP. The participant's result will not be credited if there is no registration on at least one of the KP, and there is no at least one stamp on the participant's number. It is also allowed to put seals on parts of the body or other places where a clear imprint of the seal is possible. The organizers reserve the right to set up "secret" checkpoints on the route and off the route in places of probable sections, which will ensure that each of the participants will follow a strictly defined route.

Participants who are seen cutting the route will be disqualified!

 3.2 Distances 

Distance 42 km


Distance 21 km

Half marathon

Distance 12 km.

Quarter Marathon


Men 18-28

Women 18-28

Men 29-39

Women 29-39

Men 40-50

Women 40-50

Men 51-60

Women 51-60

Men 61+

Women 61+


Men 18-28

Women18- 28

Men 29-39

Women 29-39

Men 40-50

Women 40-50

Men 51-60

Women 51-60

Men 61+

Women 61+


Men 16-28


Men 29-39

Women 29-39

Men 40 -50

Women 40-50

Men 51-60

Women 51-60

Men 61+

Women 61+ Time

limit: 8 hours

Time limit: 4 hours

Time limit: 2 hours 20 min

  The following starter packs are issued at these distances:

  • private branded starting number + 4 pins for its fastening;

  • timing chip, to record the results (to be returned);

  • locker room, storage room throughout the day of the competition;

  • food and drinks on the track throughout the day of the competition (bananas, oranges, etc.);

  • musical support at the start and finish;

  • marked route with stunning views, steep ascents, descents;

  • duty on the route of the ambulance;

  • toilets in the starting town;

  • support from volunteers and good mood;

  • rotation of Red Cross volunteers;

  • first aid kits at kp.


Warning! To receive an individual designer medal of the finisher, the entry fee is increased by 170 UAH. This is done to be able to choose and vary the cost of registration for our marathon.


Distance 6 km.

Distance 3 km

Distance 1 km. Easy start


Men 16 +

Women 16 +


Men 13+

Women 13+

Only children aged 13-15 are awarded.


Everyone up to 12 years

Time limit: 1 hour. 40 min 

Time limit: 50 minutes

Time limit: 35 minutes


The following starter packs are issued at these distances:

  • start number;

  • participant certificate;

  • musical support;

  • water at the start and finish;

  • duty on the route of the ambulance;

  • the right to compete for prizes in your category.


Warning! To receive an individual designer medal of the finisher, the entry fee is increased by 170 UAH. This is done to be able to choose and vary the cost of registration for our marathon.


4. Registration and entry fee



42 km

21 km

12 km

6 km

3 km

1 km

until 12.07.

550 UAH

450 UAH

399 UAH



110 UAH


110 UAH

13.07 - 25.07.

650 UAH

550 UAH

490 UAH


26.07.- 2.08.


650 UAH



At the start


850 UAH

800 UAH


180 UAH



Registration at the start for the distances of 12 km, 21 km and 42 km is carried out by prior arrangement with the organizers.

Warning! The cost of the finisher's medal is 170 hryvnias. You can order it at registration by marking a special item. Medals are made within three weeks, so somewhere on 15.07.2021. we will send the order. So for those who want to get a medal, it is better to register before that date. However we will order with a stock, it will be possible to order and in the future to order.  

Warning! You can also order an t-shirt event! The cost of a T-shirt is UAH 250. You can order only until 15.07.2021. Hurry up!


4.2 Re-registration for another distance until the end of official registration is free of charge. 
After closing the registration and at the starting point, re-registration costs UAH 100.

4.3 ATO veterans pay 70% of the registration fee. Veterans ofwishing to take part in competitions, should write the letter of organizing committee of competitions to the address anti-terrorist operationin which data of the participant and information on participation in anti-terrorist operation, together with a scan will be specified. copies of documents confirming participation in anti-terrorist operation.


4.4 Starter packs are issued on the eve of the event, approximately August 4 and 5 in the KTM store, at the address: 33 Metallurgiv Avenue. You can find out the exact time and date in the event on FB or on the League page


4.5 To receive the starter pack you must provide the following documents:

  1. Identity card, or its photo / copy (only present upon receipt of starter packs)

  2. Medical certificate or insurance (for distances of 21 and 42 km);

  3. Completed Discharge Agreement (Annex №1);

  4. Permission from parents (for minor participants).


4.6 Pre-registration for all distances is held until 02.08.2021, after which registration will be closed and it will be possible to register only at the start. 


5. Time schedule of competitions

6:00 - Opening of the starting place of competitions

6: 00-7: 30 - Issuance of starting packages. Registration.

6: 00-16: 00 - Storage room operation.

7:45 - Briefing. Grand opening.

8:00 - Start at a distance of 42 km.

8:10 - Start for the distance of 21 km.

8:20 - Start at a distance of 12 km.

8:25 - Start for the distance of 6 km.

8:30 - Start for the distance of 3 km.

8:25 - Start for the distance of 6 km.

8:30 - Start for the distance of 1 km.

10:00 - Awarding of winners in the distance of 1 and 3 km.

11:00 - Awarding of winners in the distance of 6 km.

12:00 - Awarding of winners in the distance of 12 km.

14:00 - Awarding of winners in the distance of 21 km.

15:00 - Awarding of winners in the distance of 42 km.


6. Rewards

6.1 All participants, at distances of 42, 21, 12 km, who have overcome the route and met the time limit on their distance, receive a certificate of participation and a medal (if you ordered a starter package with a medal).

6.2 If a participant has ordered a commemorative finisher's medal, but has not been able to cover the distance of his race within the established time limit, the commemorative finisher's medal will not be awarded to this participant and the finisher's commemorative medal fee will not be reimbursed.

6.3 Participants who took 1-3 place in each of the age categories are awarded medals and diplomas for their place.

6.4 Winners in the absolute at distances of 42, 21, 12 km. receive cups for the first three places and valuable prizes from partners. The participant who took the prize place in the absolute is NOT awarded in the age categories.

6.5 In the distances of 3 km, despite the fact that adult athletes can also take part, children aged 13 to 15 will be awarded for the first three places. 

6.6 At a distance of 6 km. and 1 km prizes, diplomas and valuable prizes are awarded to participants who took the first three places in the absolute in their category (men, women)


6.7 Each participant who runs a marathon, half marathon or quarter marathon "Black Stones Trail" gets a unique opportunity to collect an exclusive three-section medal (if you participate in the other two marathons - "White Stones Trail" and "Red Stones Trail") in a series of trail marathons. Kryvbas Stones Trail ".

See more here:


7. Refund in case of refusal to participate.

A participant who has paid the entry fee, but for some reason can not participate in the competition, has the right to partially reimburse the entry fee paid. To do this, write a letter to the organizing committee of the competition to . Indicate in the letter the information that the participant will not participate in the competition and wants to return the funds paid as a starting fee.

If the Participant withdraws from registration due to force majeure and can notify two weeks before the date of the competition, the refund amount will be 50% of the funds deposited.

From the end of pre-registration, entry fees are not refundable.

8. How to get to the starting point by public transport.

Railway station Dovgyntsevo

Minibus 307


Minibus 205, 286

  • stop at the stop Sotsmisto on the street. Sobornosti,

  • go to the stop Sotsmisto on Metalurhiv Ave.,

  • take bus 302 and

  • go to "Nut Grove"


Railway station Rokuvata

Minibuses 3, Trolleybus 3, 23, Bus 228


Map of the approach to the starting town from the stop "Nut Grove":

9. Force majeure

Start will take place under any conditions except war, fire or earthquake!

In the event of force majeure, such that the competition becomes IMPOSSIBLE, the marathon may be interrupted. In this case, the final protocol is formed based on the results at the time of the decision to terminate it.

In case of force majeure before the start of the competition, the organizers reserve the right to make changes to the route of the competition, postpone the start time (but not more than 2 hours), or cancel the competition.

In case of cancellation of the competition before the start on the day of the marathon, all entry fees are refunded in the amount of 50%.



Black Stones Trail Marathon Project Manager

Denis Dubov (tel .: )

Chief Judge of the Black Stones Trail Marathon

Maxim Sokolovsky (tel .: )


Follow the events in the group on Facebook. Information about transfers and overnight stays will appear there soon!